Monday, August 3, 2009

We're Back!

Art XX Radical Arts Magazine is getting ready to release its second issue. Though it has been nearly a year since our first issue, in theory we are a bi- annual publication.... Art XX is the project of three working artists who drink to much, have to much sex, are prone to long unproductive bouts of angst and utter nihilism, etc. (Don't you feel bad for us?) So, excuses aside, we promise to try and stay focused, get organized, and give you two issues a year. You want two issues a year because they are so damn great!
In this and in future issues we have wrangled some super hot columnists:
Rhiannon Argo
Jiz Lee
Ill Nippashi and
Cristy Road

Issue 2 features writing by
Eileen Myles
Meliza Banales
Michelle Tea and
Choung- Dai Vo

And interviews and artwork by:

Katie Bush
Umayyah Cable
Mary Coble
Mia Nakano
Monica Majoli
Hong- An Troung
Laura Splan
and many more....

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