Friday, July 25, 2008


Hi All
We need your help!
Things are cooking here and we are lacking women power to distribute flyers and promo materials for various up and coming events in the Bay Area.

All we need is an hour or two of your time to visit various venues and events and place a stack or two, and if you're feeling brave, hand them out to folks.

If you're up for the task, email LOTS OF PERKS FOR THOSE WHO ANSWER!

Art XX

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey Everyone
I need a favor to ask...we are throwing a series of fundraisers in the Bay Area and one of them is an art auction/dance party. We would like you kind souls to support us by submitting some art to be auctioned off, and to come and hang out with us at a party, if you can't come, that's cool too, but we would love if you could help out.

We would love some drawings, some crafts, anything you can.
We will have:
an art auction
a raffle,
some beer,
homemade food
a drag show
and a good ole dancing time....what do you say?

The email is
(because stupid mail server is we have an alternative email address for now)

So just email us or mail actual submissions to
art xx magazine
Paulina Mcfarland
PO BOX 22474
Oakland, CA 94609



We are officially online, in a serious way.
On our website artxxmagazine.comyou can check out a preview of whats coming to you in our 1st ISSUE OF ART XX. We have a few samples of interviews and submission guidelines, how to donate, a bit about the artists we feature and more...good stuff..

We will be posting as much art on the site as we can, so keep it coming. Send us submissions for Emerging artists and DIY section, we need to fill it!

We are now closed for submissions for the print issue, but again, the site will be expanding to include submissions by writers, poets and artists, we also keep accepting artwork for future issues, but let me reign it in a bit.

To all those who contributed to this issue - Thank you for your time and belief that this is a valid and important have done an amazing job!

Art XX Staff

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


All of us here at Art XX believe that young, emerging artists should get their lucky breaks and help from sources like us, in order to make their work available and visible nationally (and globally). We love submissions, that’s why we decided to give some space in our magazine for submissions from young, developing artists. It won’t be a huge section, and only five or six artists will make it per issue due to space constraints, but its worth a shot . We will include a short bio (a paragraph) and a website name so the readers can check more of your work out. If that sounds like a good deal to you, please SUBMIT your artwork, we can’t have this without YOU.

Remember about the size issues:

1. nothing larger than 10 MBS ,
2. only jpg, pdf, gif, small tiff, ai and flattened files (rasterized or outlined fonts with digital work)
3. no layered Photoshop or InDesign files please.
4. Include a short bio or something interesting about you, likes, dislikes, things you find important and where we can find your artwork on the web (if you have a site that is)
6. Please email us at with Emerging Artist Submission in the title field.

We would love to promote young and lesser known artists so don’t hesitate you will be in good company.

Art xx


Art XX is proud to announce that our first issue will be coming together this Summer 2008. we will treat you to some amazing interviews and mind-blowing artwork, but we are still accepting art submissions and writing pieces.

As far as articles and written pieces we are looking for :
1. Short stories
2. Art related articles, critiques, words on important issues

The first one is self explanatory, send us interesting pieces and we will publish them with some of our amazing illustrations or you can illustrate them yourself and send us a wonderful package like that:)
2. If you want to tackle a subject matter in an article form, and turn your critical eye onto artitstic matters please send us samples and thoughts to Please use exact quotes and citations, all articles must be edited and spellchecked for any errors.

remember this is not just our magazine, its yours so you can be our contributing writer for reals. so if some good piece of writing is collecting dust in the bottom of your drawer, please let it out...if you need to write to complain, straighten things out or express your point of view....send it to us with Article Submission in the title.

hope to hear from you soon.
art xx


Dear XX Artists
Since we want to promote the hells out of this magazine— we are announcing a little side project.
We would like YOU artists and collaborators to create some Art XX logos/visual representations. The designs (be it paintings, drawings and other media of your choice) will than be printed as a card with our info on the back side (and your name of course and a website) and be distributed as a promo piece in SF and beyond. Get creative with type, color and materials, we want to see a variety of styles and hands at work.

We are eating the costs of print so technically it is a free ad for you as an artists and for us as a magazine. We sort of comission you...kind of, but it has to somehow say our name ( please recreate our logo in your own way, it doesn’t have to be ours, do your own take on artxx).:)

There will be more than one print run so we will chose more than one artwork, so submit, submit, submit artwork to (with "art XX postcard submission" in the title field)

As a chosen artists you will receive a share of postcards to distribute in your area and to put in your portfolio. Maybe one day these will turn into more than just postcards......

Art Specs:

1. nothing larger than 10 MBS , 5x7 at 300 dpi
2. only jpg, pdf, gif, small tiff, ai and flattened files (rasterized or outlined fonts with digital work)
3. no layered Photoshop or InDesign files please.
4. Include website address if you have one

So keep them coming and have a happy productive Summer!