Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Art XX is proud to announce that our first issue will be coming together this Summer 2008. we will treat you to some amazing interviews and mind-blowing artwork, but we are still accepting art submissions and writing pieces.

As far as articles and written pieces we are looking for :
1. Short stories
2. Art related articles, critiques, words on important issues

The first one is self explanatory, send us interesting pieces and we will publish them with some of our amazing illustrations or you can illustrate them yourself and send us a wonderful package like that:)
2. If you want to tackle a subject matter in an article form, and turn your critical eye onto artitstic matters please send us samples and thoughts to Please use exact quotes and citations, all articles must be edited and spellchecked for any errors.

remember this is not just our magazine, its yours so you can be our contributing writer for reals. so if some good piece of writing is collecting dust in the bottom of your drawer, please let it out...if you need to write to complain, straighten things out or express your point of view....send it to us with Article Submission in the title.

hope to hear from you soon.
art xx

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