Wednesday, May 28, 2008


All of us here at Art XX believe that young, emerging artists should get their lucky breaks and help from sources like us, in order to make their work available and visible nationally (and globally). We love submissions, that’s why we decided to give some space in our magazine for submissions from young, developing artists. It won’t be a huge section, and only five or six artists will make it per issue due to space constraints, but its worth a shot . We will include a short bio (a paragraph) and a website name so the readers can check more of your work out. If that sounds like a good deal to you, please SUBMIT your artwork, we can’t have this without YOU.

Remember about the size issues:

1. nothing larger than 10 MBS ,
2. only jpg, pdf, gif, small tiff, ai and flattened files (rasterized or outlined fonts with digital work)
3. no layered Photoshop or InDesign files please.
4. Include a short bio or something interesting about you, likes, dislikes, things you find important and where we can find your artwork on the web (if you have a site that is)
6. Please email us at with Emerging Artist Submission in the title field.

We would love to promote young and lesser known artists so don’t hesitate you will be in good company.

Art xx

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