Thursday, July 17, 2008


We are officially online, in a serious way.
On our website artxxmagazine.comyou can check out a preview of whats coming to you in our 1st ISSUE OF ART XX. We have a few samples of interviews and submission guidelines, how to donate, a bit about the artists we feature and more...good stuff..

We will be posting as much art on the site as we can, so keep it coming. Send us submissions for Emerging artists and DIY section, we need to fill it!

We are now closed for submissions for the print issue, but again, the site will be expanding to include submissions by writers, poets and artists, we also keep accepting artwork for future issues, but let me reign it in a bit.

To all those who contributed to this issue - Thank you for your time and belief that this is a valid and important have done an amazing job!

Art XX Staff

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