Thursday, September 10, 2009

And a quick word about Mel Kadel...

I stopped by Mel's opening at Fecal Face Gallery tonight. What is it about her work that makes me so happy? Is it the rainbow colors triggering dopamine production in my gay little brain?
Mel Kadel's work is like the spawn of Aesops fables and Mayan codices (It happened sometime during the postmodern re/"anti"- conquest of Latin America). When I look at her work, I see stories of epic, time- worn struggles of fem- andro' a' fem- andro, and fem andro vs the omnipotent yet pervious forces of nature, all played out on little scraps of coffee stained paper.

Mel Kadel is one of the featured artists in issue 2 of Art XX. Check out her work at Fecal Face, 66 Gough in San Francisco

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