Thursday, September 10, 2009

Issue two has gone to the printers

For reals! To fill you in on the last few weeks:

We had an fantastic benefit at the Sub/Mission Gallery where we raised nearly half the printing cost for this issue, which is amazing. A year ago we had a benefit where we somehow managed to book a middle aged "all girl" metal band from Sacramento who forgot and/or broke most of their equipment but managed to run up a bar tab that left us without with a net gain of 40 bucks. ha.
However, with the craft and ingenuity of Noelle Duncan aka lead singer of Elle Nino (I don't know how to put in a tilda), the event was a success. Thanks Noelle!

There was music


Friends making funny faces

etc, for more photos

Altogether, lovely. My night ended with someone trying to set themselves and consequently my bedroom on fire, but that is a different story, and also lovely.

Then, with money in the bank, we had one last collective meeting to finish up the final edits.
These were the fortunes we got with our Chinese delivery lunch

Mine was the top one: "Cut through organizational impediments and get some real work done"
I was really inspired, but accidentally fell asleep

There are pictures of me drooling, but I am trying to maintain dignity.

Once well rested, we looked over the final pages

and viola!

Today we had our curatorial meeting for issue three...

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